Animal Control

Our officers specialize in finding creative solutions when animals and people are in conflict. Complaints made to our office will be taken care of promptly. Most issues can be resolved by simply filling out a complaint form, which will need to include; specific dates, times, correct address where the animal lives, and also your signature stating that you have witnessed such events. Without a completed form we as the Humane Society Animal Control have no grounds to go on.

Dog Licensing Information

Dog owners in Longview, Kelso and Castle Rock had until January 1st to renew licenses or pay a $15 penalty starting after that date. Dog owners in Woodland had until January 1st to renew licenses or pay a $10 penalty. The penalty for owners caught with an unlicensed dog is $257 except for Woodland, their fee is $52. Owners are required to buy licenses for dogs older than 6 months old and for dogs they’ve had more than 14 days. County residents aren’t required to buy a license unless the dog is brought into a city more than 14 days in one calendar year. Longview, Kelso and Castle Rock license renewal fee is $15 for spayed / neutered dogs and $35 for unfixed dogs. Woodland license renewal fee is $10 for spayed / neutered dogs, and $30 for unaltered dogs. Miss the deadline for Longview, Kelso and Castle Rock by just a day and the fee jumps up to $30 for fixed dogs, and $50 for unfixed dogs. For Woodland the cost with a late fee is $20 for spayed / neutered dogs and $40 for unfixed dogs. The license is used as a piece of identification to help return lost pets quickly, and its proof that the pup’s rabies vaccination is current. Another advantage is that if a licensed dog were to bite someone, it could spend its 10 day quarantine at home, with proof of a current rabies vaccination rather than a veterinarian office or at the Humane Society. It is the responsibility of dog owners to ensure their pup’s license is up to date, even if they have moved or didn’t receive a renewal postcard. A current rabies certificate is required to buy or renew a license. Some veterinarians will issue a rabies shot without charging for an exam, but owners should call and check first. According to the state, every dog, cat and ferret should have a rabies vaccination. Licenses may be purchased at the Humane Society, 909 Columbia Blvd., Longview, WA, or at some of the local veterinary clinics. Owners of dogs with microchips should make sure the Humane Society has the number on file in case, so lost pets can be reunited with their families.

One call to the Humane Society is all it takes to unleash a vast number of services we provide so people and animals can coexist in our community.

Among these services:

  • Enforcement of laws relating to the animals
  • barking
  • trespass
  • running at large
  • aggressive behavior, etc.
  • investigating bite cases and ordering animals quarantined
  • 24 hour emergency rescue of injured animals

Because of the success of our field services, the number of homeless animals is declining in the community. We’re proud of the contribution our animal services program makes to the community’s quality of life.