Lost a Pet? Found a Pet?

Every day, pets get separated from their owners. If you have lost or found a pet, please make a new post to our Lost and Found page. Although this is a great tool still call the shelter at (360) 577-0151 if you have found or lost a pet to make a report. All posts will be deleted after 30 days. Humane Society stray posts will be deleted after 3 days from when the animal comes in.

Lost Pet Tips

Every year, hundreds of pets get separated from their owners. We are here to save your pet from harm and hold them until you can come get them. There is a fee for recovering an impounded animal.

If you are missing a pet, here are some suggestions for finding it.

  • Call the animal shelter at (360) 577-0151 to file a lost pet report.
  • Call the Lost Pet line at (360) 425-7000
  • Call the shelter office at (360) 577-0151 and visit the office to view the animals personally, as your description may not match the one we give the animals we find.
  • Visit the shelter daily to look for your pet.
  • Place a lost pet ad in the newspaper and check the listings for found pet ads.
  • Check with nearby convenience store.
  • Notify nearby veterinary clinics.
  • Ask your postal person if they have seen your pet on their route.
  • Ask your newspaper delivery person if they have seen your pet on their route.
  • Search Craigslist

Please help find Felix

This is Felix. He is a 2 uear2 old intact maile. He has thumbs on both od his front paws. He went missing 12-15-2018 by California way in Longview wa. He was sick when he went missing before i could get him into his vet! He is a special cat and very missed! It’s not like him to be gone for this long. I am very worried. If you find him please contact me @ phylicia.ausler@gmail.com. thank you.

Please help us bring Buster home.

My sons dog is named Buster. He is a black PomChi with a white chest and white on his paws. He is a couple weeks shy of being a year old. He went missing from 42nd Ave and ocean beach hwy area around 6:30pm last night (Friday the 14th). He knows his name and answers to it. He will bark at you if he doesnt know you especially men but he WILL NOT bite! He is a very loving affectionate dog beings as he gets ALOT of love and affection at home! He is very loved and missed. We have a stocking and presents waiting for him so please if you ha e any information or know where he is PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE I beg of you PLEASE call me. 971-248-8175. Thank you very much!

yuko the escaper

Please help us find our dog yuko, hes been gone since December 11th he is a pitbull corgie mix, black and white with white tipped toes and a scar on his snout, and he is fixed and chipped very friendly and has tattoo in his ear of his id number and a litle heart that came with. if found please call (360)-703-7976 or email me matayadreckmann@gmail.com thank you

We miss RugiBear — 50th Ave & OB HWY

Ruger is a 20 month old med/long length black fur, neutered Cat. He is very solid and healthy, much loved. He has bright eyes and drools when he’s happy. Please if you see him send him on his way. We want him home.

Lost pit mixed

His name is yuco he got out of the back yard with his white husky buddy. He is very sweet if found please call 360-998-7327 or 360-431-2574 thank you

Lost siberian husky

White Siberian husky with blue eyes and a camo calar his name is Zeus and my 2 year old son misses him plz if found call 1 360-762-8260

Lost without him

It’s been almost 3 weeks and our family isn’t complete without him. Please bring home our baby for Christmas.

Lost Beagle

Please spread the word! Buddy was LOST on November 23, 2018 in Longview, WA 98632 Ocean Beach Highway & Cascade Way Message from Owner: We miss our “Buddy” so much and are eager to have him returned. He’s on low-dose phenobarbital for epilepsy and had been off his meds for a few days now which has us really concerned! Please share and pass the word – we are offering a reward for any information leading to his return, no questions asked… please help make our family whole again! Description: Male neutered Tri-color Beagle with red/blue collar/tags and purple vibrating (bark) collar. NEEDS MEDS (epilepsy) https://www.facebook.com/groups/1512929565589582/permalink/2193284994220699/ For more info or to contact Buddy’s owner, click here or call 360-562-0188. https://www.pawboost.com/p/5300053 Lost or found a pet? Report it to PawBoost here: http://pbrs.io/l/rpl

Missing Black Lab

His name is Diesel and weights a solid 100 lbs. He is very tall, not bulky, neutered male,and 4yrs old with some white hair on his chin. He has a scar on his left rear leg and has some white hair growing out of it and was wearing a silver collar. Last seen on Hwy 30 outside of Rainier, potentially hit by a Red Ford pickup on Tuesday 12-4. Please call me if you have any info…. Scott 971-344-0287

Lost 8 week kitten

Toby Is a 8 week old kitten grey and white. He got out last night in the 1300 block of 23 rd in Longview and has not come back yet. If you see Toby please give me a call at 360-636-0056

Lost in Longview may be with someone

Lost this dog and have posters up in Longview he is a silver and chocolate curly coat Labradoodle mix and he is about 30 lbs. or so. He is my brothers service dog and our whole family is devastated. Please call me if you know where he may be we are offering a $500 reward for information leading to his safe return. thank you.

Missing grey/blue pit bull older pup

Baloo has been missing for about 5 weeks very friendly FIXED pit bull older pup almost a yr old Tips paws white of all but left front paw is all white… white chest..white streak around his neck that doesn’t meet the other side… had a black leather studded collar with a snoopy tag with my number on it 406-851-1523 Plz call if u see him Gave small details on him not seen fully n pic

Lost since May. Still looking!

Been missing in West longview since May, but we are still looking! He has a clipped ear, white chest and white feet. He is a larger cat with medium/long, super soft fur. His name is Elton

I lost my cat

I lost my cat named Bro, he is barely less than a year old and we noticed his disappearance a while ago. It’s pretty normal for a cat to be gone for a couple days so we didn’t assume much but now it’s been two weeks and he hasn’t come back. Our cat does not have a collar or a chip, we also diddn’t have too many recent pictures of him so he will be a little bigger than in the photos. He is an all black cat with yellow eyes, under his eyes, he has small baldish spots. We live around Island dr Longview (near Mt. Solo Middle School). If you find him, please call 360-901-3560- my mothers number Or 360-833-3858 (Prefer calling my mom)

Found Dog-Basset Hound?

Found dog in West Longview Neighborhood. I stopped to see if it was okay and it jumped in my car. Dog is safe, just looking for its family.

Missing our Siberian Husky

Large female 1 year old Siberian Husky, name is Mila. Tan/white/black. Has a fluorescent orange collar on, no name tag. East Kelso Harris Street Rd area. Didn’t come home Saturday afternoon. PLEASE call if you have her or have seen her. Julie 360-957-3411 Terry 360-957-3413