Lost a Pet? Found a Pet?

Every day, pets get separated from their owners. If you have lost or found a pet, please make a new post to our Lost and Found page. Although this is a great tool still call the shelter at (360) 577-0151 if you have found or lost a pet to make a report. All posts will be deleted after 30 days. Humane Society stray posts will be deleted after 3 days from when the animal comes in.

Lost Pet Tips

Every year, hundreds of pets get separated from their owners. We are here to save your pet from harm and hold them until you can come get them. There is a fee for recovering an impounded animal.

If you are missing a pet, here are some suggestions for finding it.

  • Call the animal shelter at (360) 577-0151 to file a lost pet report.
  • Call the Lost Pet line at (360) 425-7000
  • Call the shelter office at (360) 577-0151 and visit the office to view the animals personally, as your description may not match the one we give the animals we find.
  • Visit the shelter daily to look for your pet.
  • Place a lost pet ad in the newspaper and check the listings for found pet ads.
  • Check with nearby convenience store.
  • Notify nearby veterinary clinics.
  • Ask your postal person if they have seen your pet on their route.
  • Ask your newspaper delivery person if they have seen your pet on their route.
  • Search Craigslist

9 month old great dane

Our Great Dane went missing on Saturday night before bedtime. She is white with black spots and has the grey and black marking on her face. Her name is sky and we miss her.

Female beagle

Female beagle named Baby. Lost in the 400 block Schaffran rd castle rock on December 28.

Lost Cameron Bluetick

Old, gentle and very loving hunting dog got lost following his nose on christmas day near BRATTON HILL in WOODLAND, WA. If anyone knows any information on my old man please call or text (360)843-6677

$100 REWARD!Missing Dog from South Bend Wa

Year old heeler, mini Australian shepherd mix. 25lbs. White with black specs. Some red/brown on feet.black mask over right eye & head. No collar, not microchipped. Name is Hank.a women picked him up on Hwy 101, Mile marker 50/51, 3 miles south of south bend. She has not returned him. 360-942-7422 no questions asked.we just want out dog home!

Lost on Westside hwy

Lost on Westside hwy near the large bumps in rd headed to castlerock. Oscar is 8 years old and very loving. Has a saggy belly as he used to be overweight.

Lost black cat

West Longview. All black male cat with a small notch in his left ear. Has a black collar with contact information. Is microchipped.

Lost White Cat

Shadowfax is a domestic shorthair. He has a collar with phone number on it and he’s chipped.

Found Blue Healer

Found Blue Healer with collar on Beacon Hill. The dog is an older male with a very calm demeanor. Collar is a yellow and orange Ruffwear dog collar.

Missing Chihuaha

Last seen on the evening of 12/20/18 on Baltimore St. He was being walked on our street, without a leash, and believe someone picked him up when he stayed behind to sniff around. If you see Cookie, please contact me @ 3609325303. Thank you.

Yuko 🙁

*update* yuko is still missing. Please if anyone finds him or has him. Please call. 360-703-7976.