Volunteer at the Humane Society

Volunteer a little and help save a lot!

Thank you for your interest in becoming a volunteer for the Humane Society of Cowlitz County. Since we are a non-profit agency we depend on volunteers like yourself for many of our activities. All the paperwork you will need will be provided at the orientation. We are currently revamping our volunteer program. Until we are done making changes we will not have an orientation. Please call for more information regarding volunteering.


Fred Meyer has a rewards program where you can help us get reward point also, and it won’t effect your points at all. Our number is 93481. Remember to use that number every time you shop at Fred Meyer!

These are the areas in which we need volunteers:

PET SOCIALIZATION Providing companionship to shelter animals awaiting adoption (walking, brushing, etc. – required adult companionship for youth under 14 years old)
HUMANE EDUCATION Assist within the community in providing education on animal issues and the responsibilities of pet ownership.
COMMUNITY EVENTS Assist in set-up and operation of displays for community events. Go-4th, Pet Trek, County Fair, etc.
EMERGENCY MANAGEMENT Training and aiding the community in the evacuation of animals during natural disasters.
MAINTENANCE HELPERS Gardening, carpentry, caretaking, and maintaining the pet walk.