Our Gandalf, “Fat Fat” 5 yrs old boy is super friendly, loves his neighbors, not afraid of other animals, LOVES children, would follow one home! He runs funny, arches back and looks like raccoon. Gray tabby with black stripes and spots, mix of brown on him as well, he has black rings on front legs and tail. He’s larger, chubby 9-13 lbs often mistaken for mama cat with his saggy white and tan belly. His head is a bit small for his body. He has a black ring around his brown nose and he has very large ears. he will put his paw on you for attention, flops over on his side when back scratched. He’s the beloved boy of our foster son. Please help us bring our sweet boy home! He’s a very routine cat and we’re so lost without him here. He’s micro-chipped and altered. Vocal when he jumps up or down and at night he sings. He brings me a flower from our tree every day. Last seen 7400 block NE 58th St, Vancouver. 98662. We’re close to Andresen and to the mall. If you have him, please let him go home. If you’ve seen him please call anytime! 360-448-3190 thanks so much! Please check your sheds and garages! He could’ve snuck in with you!