Hello Cowlitz County! Although the National Animal Care and Control agencies are still requesting that we restrict services in animal control, we have decided to implement limited contact services for the time being to allow us to better serve our communities. These regulations may change based on the Governor’s recommendations, our discussions with city officials, and our officer’s safety.

As of May 4th, we will be returning to normal (limited contact) activities within animal control. Animal Control Officers will be practicing social distancing guidelines, and wearing PPE as much as possible to avoid any unnecessary exposure.
This includes:
Responding to calls regarding healthy, stray animals.
The public may bring stray animals to the shelter during our normal business hours. We ask that if you come to the shelter with a stray animal, to call us first so we may still follow social distancing guidelines.
You may be asked to wait outside, or in your vehicle until we are ready for you, as we have been serving one client / family at a time.
Barking/nuisance complaints have a new set of guidelines for our response. You will be e-mailed, or mailed a copy of a bark log if necessary for proper documentation if the nuisance continues after initial contact by Animal Control.

Shelter services:
We will take owner releases, by appointment only at this time. Please be aware, if this is a true emergency, we may be able to fit you in same day. Otherwise, you may be booked out for a while based on availability. There is a fee for owner released animals of $30 for appointment and $50 for an emergency same-day appointment.

At this time, we will still not allow public visitors to the shelter to reduce potential spread of the virus. We appreciate all of your support during this uncertain time.

If you have questions, please call us at 360-577-0151.