BAILEY, small chi/Papillion mix has been missing 24 days from the area around Clark College in Vancouver, Wa. E 16th and Reserve. We need your help to find her! Bailey has epilepsy amd needs medication. She may be hiding in your yard, under bushes, in plain sight. She is loved and missed by her family and we would like to see her get home. The area she went missing is densely populated with transient folks so please keep an eye out for someone walking or carrying a dog like her. PLEASE CALL 360.270.5443 or 360.513.9020 or 833.360.7293 if you have her or have seen her. She is very afraid of people so please don’t chase her. Unmedicated she could be very disoriented. We do not know how far she could have traveled so we need eyes everywhere. The more people are looking the better chance we have of someone seeing her and eventually getting her back.