Drive north on i-5 i had a tire blowout and I pulled overa block south of mile post 49i opened up the rear hatch and pulled out the jack and the spare tire getting my head to the ground to line up the jack and getting the flat tire off I puck it up and immediately notice my di had jumped out I immediately checked for him front and rear of the car with know sign of him keep in mind its raining solid the night of all the flooding the other issue was very load road noise I had know flash light now I ho maybe1000 feet behind me the direction he would have just in there was know sign of him so I quickly get back to the car keep in mind im call for him the hole time and can barely hear my own voice do to all the white noise so I go around the same distance maybe farther, but know sign of him so I go back to car for a min and During this rest is whe installed observing traffic I looking for pattern brake light and I have been outside the hole time and I can’t remember hearing any car horns or tires stretching so watch headlights comming towards me I see know swerving or anthig thst would make me think something was in the road that only leaves east witch is a hill at a °45 angle with the noise I could not hear if he was moving and whatdirection and it was obvious that with out light I could not go up the hill witch was cover with unknown sticker vines and black berry vines so I go back to my car open the passenger door and any time that a low in traffic I got out and cal as loud as I could but I couldn’t see or hear if he responded so I waited about 3 hours and he never should up so I went home 50 miles away and gathered lights a machete a heavy jacket and a bull horn because my voice has left, I got back just as the sun was comming up and realy thought that he would not make it for up the hill because I’ve seen this before keeshound have corse long hair and if a vine falls onto him from above or he walks to case to one they will grab his coat and stop him in his tracks chopping the vine has left my hands shredded it was steep soggy and by noon I was exhausted so for now abandon my search and found s doller general in castle rock, so I made up twenty lost dog flyers and came back the next day i drove down past the turn around exit and was scanning the shoulder as best I could to know availe I look and called as I call his nameand all flyer were now put out, so that was Saturday Sunday I was sore and exhausted so I called and asked people for as im going back Monday morning, no one came with me on Monday but I couldn’t stop thinking that know one call to report a sighting not one call why so I had to conclude that he never made itboff the hill I went back to where he left but increased the search parameters my hand are shredded from swinging going the machete and full of blisters from holding it,exhausted I abandoned my search and went to Longview to see if he was at the animal shelter i filled out a lost dog form gave all my contact imfo, and gave up for the day i am 59yrs old and not in the best shape all I want is my dog back my fears are #1 that he is snared on that hill witch in some spit you would have to step on him d o to being overgrown#2 is someone finds him and since he is friendly to every one that someone found him but has decided to keep him and that sounds like a better option that being stuck and not having food since Thursday 6 days ago I need everyone’s help I can’t do this by myself contacted a search and recover fir pets guy, thank to any and all who are out there looking