Animal Control

Our officers specialize in finding creative solutions when animals and people are in conflict. Complaints made to our office will be taken care of promptly. Most issues can be resolved by simply filling out a complaint form, which will need to include; specific dates, times, correct address where the animal lives, and also your signature stating that you have witnessed such events. Without a completed form we as the Humane Society Animal Control have no grounds to go on.

One call to the Humane Society is all it takes to unleash a vast number of services we provide so people and animals can coexist in our community.

Among these services:

  • Enforcement of laws relating to the animals
  • barking
  • trespass
  • running at large
  • aggressive behavior, etc.
  • investigating bite cases and ordering animals quarantined
  • 24 hour emergency rescue of injured animals

Because of the success of our field services, the number of homeless animals is declining in the community. We’re proud of the contribution our animal services program makes to the community’s quality of life.