Lost a Pet? Found a Pet?

Every day, pets get separated from their owners. If you have lost or found a pet, please make a new post to our Lost and Found page. Although this is a great tool still call the shelter at (360) 577-0151 if you have found or lost a pet to make a report. All posts will be deleted after 14 days. Humane Society stray posts will be deleted after 3 days from when the animal comes in.

Lost Pet Tips

Every year, hundreds of pets get separated from their owners. We are here to save your pet from harm and hold them until you can come get them. There is a fee for recovering an impounded animal.

If you are missing a pet, here are some suggestions for finding it.

  • Call the animal shelter at (360) 577-0151 to file a lost pet report.
  • Call the Lost Pet line at (360) 425-7000
  • Call the shelter office at (360) 577-0151 and visit the office to view the animals personally, as your description may not match the one we give the animals we find.
  • Visit the shelter daily to look for your pet.
  • Place a lost pet ad in the newspaper and check the listings for found pet ads.
  • Check with nearby convenience store.
  • Notify nearby veterinary clinics.
  • Ask your postal person if they have seen your pet on their route.
  • Ask your newspaper delivery person if they have seen your pet on their route.
  • Search Craigslist

Oscar- missing from Lexington

All black male cat named Oscar, missing since Saturday, 3/16 from Lexington area. Neutered, chipped, about a year and a half old.

Savannah Cat missing.

My Stella escaped out of the house last Thursday evening on the 900 area of Holcomb Rd, Kelso Wa. She is 1.5 yrs old. She has the brown dots on her orange body and darker brown rings on her tail. She is wearing a silver and neon green reflective color with a bell. She is spayed and her front paws are declawed. She also has a white scar on about 2/3 down her front right leg. She is very skittish and not very trusting or friendly. She won’t attack, just doesn’t like being cornered or picked up. Please call my cell if seen 805.259.8840. Thanks, Tom


Bella went missing in N Kelso off of 7th Ave yesterday, 3/17, at approximately 5pm. She is a sweet, but fearful dog and may be challenging to pick up. If you see her, please try. Please call (617) 510-0025 (Laura) or (661) 544-7918 (Molly) with any information. Thank you.

Lost Tuxedo off Ostrander

Missing cat off Ostrander and Lenora. Baker is a long haired tuxedo cat (currently fluffier than shown in the pictures below). He has been missing 3 days. Please let me know if you have seen him. 916-412-8136

Please help find Lumiya

My brother thinks one of his cats got out earlier today. She answers to Lumiya/Pocket or Pocky Pocky she is about 8 years old and all black except for a patch of white fur over her spay scar she is also short and very well fed looking, she is indoor only but has all her claws and has pretty unique yellowish green eyes.

Lost black cat

Our cat is missing. We live on cowlitz way. Once in awhile she will take off for a couple days but its been too long. She is all black. No collar. She gets them off herself or someone takes them off. Shes very timid and chirps when u say her name. Lost on cowlitz way

Titan our cat

He is a shy cat long hair and big he should be around the neighborhood of Hawthorne ct and pine st in woodland wa. We miss him very much


Our beautiful cat has gone missing. He is about 12lb. Shy around humans. His name is Titan. He does not have a collar because he seems t always get it off. Around the neighborhood of Hawthorne ct. and pine st. In woodland