Lost a Pet? Found a Pet?

Every day, pets get separated from their owners. If you have lost or found a pet, please make a new post to our Lost and Found page. Although this is a great tool still call the shelter at (360) 577-0151 if you have found or lost a pet to make a report. All posts will be deleted after 14 days. Humane Society stray posts will be deleted after 3 days from when the animal comes in.

Lost Pet Tips

Every year, hundreds of pets get separated from their owners. We are here to save your pet from harm and hold them until you can come get them. There is a fee for recovering an impounded animal.

If you are missing a pet, here are some suggestions for finding it.

  • Call the animal shelter at (360) 577-0151 to file a lost pet report.
  • Call the Lost Pet line at (360) 425-7000
  • Call the shelter office at (360) 577-0151 and visit the office to view the animals personally, as your description may not match the one we give the animals we find.
  • Visit the shelter daily to look for your pet.
  • Place a lost pet ad in the newspaper and check the listings for found pet ads.
  • Check with nearby convenience store.
  • Notify nearby veterinary clinics.
  • Ask your postal person if they have seen your pet on their route.
  • Ask your newspaper delivery person if they have seen your pet on their route.
  • Search Craigslist

Our Siamese Cat missing

Last seen on E. Evergreen Blvd in Vancouver, Wa. Last August 4, 2019 He walk away after eat his meal I notice on film that he do not wear collar and tag! I just put new leather black but same tag. It was not loose collar, look like someone remove it? Male, chocolate point, Age is 4 1/2 years His tail is not straight. Little hook from birth His mama (Star) look depressed and not eat much. Not normal to us. Because they have been together since birth. She went to search him for few days till my friend saw her. And bring her to me. I am worry that she will search her son again Please let us know if dead or alive?

Lost dog in Ridgefield

We lost Shirley while painting a house off NE 10th Ave in Ridgefield. She is a Dutch Shepherd and brindle boxer mix. Blue collar with Longview address and number on the tag. She may have tried to find her way back home in Longview.

Dog got out of kennel

Sometime on the night of October 10th, my dog, Monkey, got out of his kennel. He’s a male. The location was Hemlock and Nichols..over by Monticello Middle School and R.A. Long. He’s a mix miniature Doberman and pug. He is super friendly and non aggressive. He was wearing a red harness.

Found cat

Found grey and white cat in s. Kelso. Seems like she accidentally got out, of someone house because she was very scared and confused about the outdoors. Very sweet and well taken care of. I’m sure her owners are missing her.

Missing female Tabby cat from Lacamas View on Prune Hill

Oct 1st she went out before eating her breakfast and did not return. We live on the top of Currawong Ct on the West side of Pruneone Hill She is older and we are concerned for her. She is small..8lbs and slim Her coat looks different in her pictures….sometimes gray and sometimes brown. She does have orange streaks on her head going down to her nose. One of her right paws has pale orange marking. She is easily scared as she came to us 10 years ago as a stray. She likes to hide in garages. We miss her so much She usually rounds us all up to get up very early in the morning and also lets us know when it’s time to go to bed. She is also my companion outdoors when I am working in the yard….running around like a kitten and climbing trees!

Husky Mix? , Male

Is this your dog, has a bluish rope dangling, carbiners and what looks like a shock collar on. Seems very curious about my dogs (fenced in) and would get close enough to touch me but wouldn’t let me get ahold of the collar. Male, blue eyes. Yelped like he was in pain a couple of times. Was just at my house on Niemi in West Longview then ran off. 10/7 @ 0950am. Seems to stay in this area, will put food and water out incase he is lost and try to catch him if he comes back. My husband saw him the other day and could not get a pic.

Missing Beloved Family Cat–Multiple toes

We are missing “Meeps,” a male gray tabby cat with a distinct “O” marking on his side. Meeps is polydactyl. (He has multiple toes on all paws. His front paws look like mittens because of the extra toes.) Last seen in the Lynnwood Drive/Columbia Heights area on September 25th. He disappeared while we were on a trip.

Lost brindle great dane 8 yrs old

Our dog bolted after he got scared. He a very big and nice dog. He heading into warehouser land behind our house off libby lane Kelso. Yesterday late afternoon.

Houdini is missing

Black and white Schih Tzu lost in Castle Rock/ Delameter Road area. He has a microchip.

Calico missing 🙁

Calico cat solid orange and black markings white under belly part face some body and legs. Has a small dimond on her forhead made from markings has one black and one orange eye

Missing our boy

Zero is a three year old domestic short hair, very stocky, he could almost be mistaken for an elder kitten. He is a tiny bit shy at first, but then sweet and cuddly. Very vocal, with a very unique meow. He is missing from just behind kesler school in longview. His home is on 19th ave but he may have roamed a little. He is very loved and very missed by his mamas and great grandma.

Lost Siamese Male cat

Our boy is little over 1 y.o. lost on 10/01/19 in Camas area. 93rd and chestnut street. He is indoor cat, and never been outside. If you have him ,please contact me 369 953 0000

Our cat Rico is missing

Our cat’s name is Rico and he is tiger striped with a white stripe down the side of his nose and he has white “socks” on his hind legs. He got out the evening of 10/1/19. He has a collar on and is microchipped.

Still Searching

New to area, Tyson got out, unfamiliar with the area. He is a sweet loving cat. Male Tuxedo Cat, disappeared on Spruce St., near Cascade

Lost black cat in Toutle

Our cat has not been seen or heard from in about 3 weeks. She is all black, tail is broken in 3 spots and right eye can be a little weepy (she was a barn cat rescue). If you have seen her please feel let me know!