Lost a Pet? Found a Pet?

Every day, pets get separated from their owners. If you have lost or found a pet, please make a new post to our Lost and Found page. Although this is a great tool still call the shelter at (360) 577-0151 if you have found or lost a pet to make a report. All posts will be deleted after 14 days. Humane Society stray posts will be deleted after 3 days from when the animal comes in.

Lost Pet Tips

Every year, hundreds of pets get separated from their owners. We are here to save your pet from harm and hold them until you can come get them. There is a fee for recovering an impounded animal.

If you are missing a pet, here are some suggestions for finding it.

  • Call the animal shelter at (360) 577-0151 to file a lost pet report.
  • Call the Lost Pet line at (360) 425-7000
  • Call the shelter office at (360) 577-0151 and visit the office to view the animals personally, as your description may not match the one we give the animals we find.
  • Visit the shelter daily to look for your pet.
  • Place a lost pet ad in the newspaper and check the listings for found pet ads.
  • Check with nearby convenience store.
  • Notify nearby veterinary clinics.
  • Ask your postal person if they have seen your pet on their route.
  • Ask your newspaper delivery person if they have seen your pet on their route.
  • Search Craigslist

Lost corgi in Kelso, Butler Acres area.

Bailey is a Female tri-color pembroke corgi. Lost in Kelso near Butler Acres. She is blind and deaf. Very sweet and approachable. Please call Melise at(360) 562-7393 or myself at 360-355-7658 if you see/hear/know anything. Thank you so much!

Found Stray Cat

Found stray Adult Female/part calico cat in kelso. She has some very distinct markings. Please identify markings.

Looking for a missing stray cat

Ive been taking care of a sick stray tabby cat who is now missing. She is longhaired, shorted legged, and not very big. She is very friendly and will come if called. She has a flea collar on her and i think she has been fixed. She has a diarrhea issue that ive been treating and so she has a bald spot around her anus.

Pooky 13 years old

Pooky is a 13 year old tabby. He’s neutered and loves to roam around. He’s been missing for about a week from the Rollingwood/Ostrander area.

Lost Mackerel Tabby

Last night is the first night that our cat hasn’t come inside at bedtime. He’s still gone. No collar, because he took it off. He is chipped. His name is Mac, though he may not come when called. Neutered male. He’s 1-1/2-years-old.

Lost cat

Our cat shadow is missing hes never been outside so we are scared

Missing cat, Zoie – 1.8 years, Torbie, Female, Spayed and Microchipped REWARD $$$

Our outside access cat, Zoie, went missing from her home on Bowen Road in Mossyrock, the night of Thursday, Mar 28. We believe she was chased into unfamiliar territory and is now displaced. Neighbors on the above hillside (Boyd Rd) believe she was sitting in the middle of their gravel driveway the morning of Wed, April 3 (six days after she went missing). She is very loved and extremely missed. REWARD $$$


Our boy is very large – a tall black and white Newfoundland. His head is mostly black with a small, hazy spot on the right side of his nose. His coat is mostly black on top, but his legs are white as is the tip of his tail. PLEASE CALL ME (213) 507-6616 IF YOU’VE SEEN A DOG LIKE THIS IN YOUR AREA. IF YOU DO SEE HIM, PLEASE TRY TO TAKE A PICTURE. MY EMAIL IS ABOVE, AND YOU ARE WELCOME TO USE IT.

Lost black 8lb pomapoo

Black semi curly hair poodle with upturned ears lost off Indian creek dr. Tuesday evening. Please call 253-678-7128 Thanks