Low-Income Vaccination Clinic

Once each month we will offer a low income vaccine clinic for residents of Cowlitz County. You will need to bring in proof of your low income status to qualify. For the date of our next clinic please call the shelter at (360)577-0151.

Core Vaccines (Dogs; DA2PPv, Rabies and Bordetella) (Cats; FvRCP and Rabies)

$15.00 Each

Microchip (Dogs and cats, Avid brand)


Iverhart Max (Dog  dewormer for tape, round and hookworms)


Revolution (Dogs and cats. Covers ear mites, fleas and roundworms for cats)


Cestex (Cats for tapeworms)


Pyrantel (Dogs and cats for roundworms)


Actyvil Flea Treatment (Dogs and cats)


Low-Income Spay / Neuter Clinic for Cats and Kittens

Over population of cats and kittens is a serious issue in our community. In an effort to help with this issue HSCC offers a Spay and Neuter Clinic for low-income residents of Cowlitz County. At the time of spay or neuter we also offer vaccinations, flea medication, ear mite medication and de-wormer for low costs. Female cats are $60 to be spayed, and male cats are $45 to be neutered. Listed below are fees for additional services. To book an appointment contact Kitty Korner at (360)577-0151 Ext. 1.

Services   Fees
FVRCP Vaccination   $15.00
Leukemia / FIV Test   $20.00
Rabies Vaccination   $15.00
Microchip   $20.00
If Your Cat Has… Medication Fees
Fleas Frontline $15.00
Ear Mites Ear Flush / Cleaning and Revolution $15.00
Ear Mites and Fleas Ear Flush / Cleaning and Revolution $15.00
Tapeworms Praziquantel $15.00
Roundworms Strongid $10.00
Roundworms / Ear Mites Ear Flush / Cleaning and Revolution $15.00
Revolution Treats Ear Mites, Fleas, Roundworms and Heartworms, but NOT Tapeworms.